Gregory C. BakerShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Baker received his J.D. from the University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law and holds a Masters and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Utah. Prior to working at TraskBritt, Mr. Baker worked as a television engineer for KUED Television where he assisted in the station's transition from analog to digital and high definition technology. Mr. Baker also assisted in the implementation of the station's hardware and software automation and digital asset management systems. While attending law school, Mr. Baker was honored as a William H. Leary Scholar and received the CALI… more

Daniel J BezdjianAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Bezdjian received his J.D. from the University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law where he was elected to the Order of the Coif. Mr. Bezdjian also received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah, where he graduated magna cum laude. Prior to working at TraskBritt, Mr. Bezdjian worked as a chemical engineer for Tesoro Corporation where he participated in unit optimization and focused on increasing yields while minimizing energy losses and greenhouse gas emissions. During law school, Mr. Bezdjian received the CALI Award for the highest grade in patent drafting and in intellectual… more

Brett C. BoothAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Booth received his J.D. from the University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law, where he graduated with honors.  While attending law school, Mr. Booth was honored as a William H. Leary scholar and received the CALI Award for the highest grade in trademark law. Mr. Booth holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah, and an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University.  At BYU, Mr. Booth served as a research assistant in the field of MIMO wireless communications.  Also, as an undergraduate at the University of Utah, he participated in research… more

William S. BrittFounder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Britt, of counsel, has been in private practice since 1969 and has extensive experience in obtaining, enforcing, and licensing intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Prior to founding TraskBritt, he was a patent attorney for PPG Industries and an adjunct and associate professor of law at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His technological areas of expertise include the fields of high technology materials, inorganic and organic chemicals, chemical processing, agricultural chemicals and equipment, medical equipment, and engineered structures. He has served as an expert witness in trade secret, trademark, and patent litigation and as an arbitrator… more

H. Dickson BurtonShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Burton is the senior litigator at TraskBritt. He is a shareholder and director of the firm and is a member of the firm's three-person Management Committee. His practice emphasizes litigation and counseling in patent, trade secret, and other intellectual property matters. Mr. Burton has successfully led trial teams as first chair in multiple federal jury trials in courts around the country in complex patent infringement, trade secret, trademark and other cases. He has litigated numerous matters to trial and through appeal in federal and state courts, as well as before various administrative agencies including the Trademark Trial and Appeal… more

Edgar R. CataxinosShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Cataxinos is a Director and the Managing Shareholder of TraskBritt. His practice emphasizes patent preparation and prosecution and patent related litigation. Mr. Cataxinos performs patent and technology portfolio evaluations and audits for clients. He regularly advises clients on intellectual property licensing, trademark cancellations and oppositions, and patent interferences. In addition, Mr. Cataxinos has litigated numerous intellectual property matters through trial and has successfully argued appeals before the Federal Circuit in patent matters. Mr. Cataxinos is a registered pharmacist with twenty years of industry experience in intravenous medications, pharmacokinetics, and general laboratory analysis. As the Director of Pharmacy Services for… more

Charly Doe, MBA, CLMExecutive Director | Full Bio | Vcard |

Ms. Doe is a Certified Legal Manager and has managed, directly or in a supervisory capacity, human resources, accounting, information technology, marketing and facilities. She holds a Bachelors' of Science in Business Administration and a MBA in Finance. She achieved her Certification from the Association of Legal Administrators in 2002. Ms. Doe is active in the Association of Legal Administrators and held the office of President of the Valley of the Sun Chapter in 2000-2001. She also served two terms as co-chair of the Arizona State Bar Law Practice Management Section and served six years on the Association of Legal… more

Jesse M. FloresAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Flores received his J.D. from the University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law and holds a Bachelor or Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Utah. Prior to working at TraskBritt, Mr. Flores worked as a chemical engineer for the launch systems division of Alliant Techsystems, where he participated in the design and optimization of industrial process related to energetic materials reclamation and neutralization, water treatment and remote firing systems. Mr. Flores also worked an an engineering technician for the Institute of Combustion and Energy studies, where he assisted with the construction and analysis of multiple pilot scale… more

Andrew G. GerlaAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Gerla received his J.D. from the Brigham Young University J. Reuben Clark School of Law and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to joining TraskBritt, Mr. Gerla worked as a legal intern at an engineering firm specializing in oil and gas drilling equipment, polycrystalline diamond production, and other technologies. During law school, Mr. Gerla was a mentor on the Moot Court Team and was recognized on the Dean’s List every semester. more

J. Jeffrey GunnShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Gunn joined TraskBritt as a law clerk in 2003 and became a shareholder in 2010. He is a graduate of the S.J. Quinney College of Law at the University of Utah and also holds a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Utah. Prior to working at TraskBritt, Mr. Gunn worked for Bard Access Systems as an engineer technician, qualifying and validating manufacturing equipment, manufacturing processes, and new product designs. Mr. Gunn also conducted research relating to surface chemistry modification of implantable materials used in medical devices. more

Steven W. GutkeShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Gutke received his J.D. from the University of Illinois College of Law where he graduated summa cum laude and was elected to the Order of the Coif. Mr. Gutke received the Rickert Award for Excellence in Academic Achievement. The Rickert Award Program is considered the most prestigious awards program conducted by the College of Law. Mr. Gutke also served as Notes Editor for the Journal of Law, Technology & Policy. During law school, Mr. Gutke was invited to take part in the Patent Pilot Program at the College of Law. As part of this program, Mr. Gutke worked in… more

Katherine A. HamerShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Ms. Hamer joined TraskBritt as a law clerk in 1999, became a shareholder in 2007 and an officer in 2010. Her practice emphasizes the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the areas of chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and semiconductor device fabrication technologies. Before joining TraskBritt, Ms. Hamer worked as a research associate for NPS Pharmaceuticals, isolating proteins from spider and scorpion venoms and performing high throughput screening of small molecules through cell-based assays. Ms. Hamer also has experience in enzyme characterization studies and the synthesis and purification of small molecules. more

Andrew A. HuffordAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Hufford received his J.D. from the University of Houston in 2010.  He holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science (Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) in Biochemistry from the University of California, Riverside.  His Master's degree research focused on localizing a novel human tumor suppressor gene on chromosome 11q.  He also studied the molecular pathway for vitellogenesis (egg maturation) in the Aedes aegypti mosquito, using RNA interference, real-time PCR, and microinjection techniques.  In 1996, he was awarded a Chancellor's Distinguished Research Fellowship to promote his work.  He then joined the Ph.D. program with the UCLA Department of Molecular… more

Brandon S. MechamAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Mecham, an associate with TraskBritt, received his J.D. from University of New Hampshire School of Law in Concord, New Hampshire. He is holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. more

Jeffery M. MichelsenShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Michelsen joined TraskBritt as a student associate and became a shareholder with the firm in 2009. Mr. Michelsen brings industry experience to TraskBritt in the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering. Prior to joining TraskBritt, Mr. Michelsen worked for Motorola, VSLI, and Intel as a Design Engineer and Manager, specializing in circuit design, computer architecture, computer graphics, image processing, and software development. He also worked as a Mechanical Engineer for Boeing performing fuselage stress analysis and developing signal processing software. Additionally, he holds nine patents as an inventor in the areas of computer graphics, computer systems, and integrated circuit… more

Daniel J. Morath, Ph.D.Shareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Dr. Morath, a Shareholder, holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of Utah, a B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan, and a J.D. from Brigham Young University. Dr. Morath's doctoral dissertation was centered around the development of glial stem cells, and specifically on the metal requirements for proper fate specification and differentiation. As a post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Morath staged the embryonic lethality of Anitizyme 1/2 knockout mice, generated novel myoblast cell lines and explored the effects of gentamicin treatment on stop codon readthrough. more

Krista Weber PowellAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Ms. Weber Powell, of counsel, joined TraskBritt as an associate in March of 2000 and became a shareholder in 2005. In January 2008 she moved into an of counsel position. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Weber Powell served as a civil litigation attorney for Richards, Brandt, Miller & Nelson. Her practice includes all aspects of intellectual property law, including patent preparation, prosecution, and licensing and analysis of patent positions in the areas of pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnical, and semiconductor fabrication, with an emphasis on assisting in the acquisition and enforcement of patents. more

Stephen E. PulleyAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Pulley received his J.D. from the J. Reuben Clark Law School, where he graduated cum laude, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  Prior to working at TraskBritt, Mr. Pulley was a Diffusion Engineer at Micron Technology, Inc., where he studied, maintained, and enhanced semiconductor manufacturing in an advanced microchip fabrication facility.   During law school, Mr. Pulley received first place in the Kilpatrick Townsend Award for Intellectual Property Writing and Scholarship. Mr. Pulley served as a Senior Editor of the BYU… more

Elizabeth H. SchiermanAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

  Ms. Schierman received her J.D. and her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Idaho. Prior to joining TraskBritt, P.C., Ms. Schierman practiced with an intellectual property law firm in Idaho, counseling businesses and individuals regarding patent, trademark, copyright, and internet law and litigating intellectual property actions in courts throughout the United States. Ms. Schierman is a former Chair of the Intellectual Property Law Section of the Idaho State Bar and currently sits on the Advisory Board to the University of Idaho’s Department of… more

Warunee Srisiri, Ph. D.Attorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Dr. Srisiri received her J.D. from the Charleston School of Law, where she graduated summa cum laude, ranked first in her graduating class, while serving as an associate article editor for the school law review and working full time.  Dr. Srisiri also holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Arizona and a masters degree in business administration (MBA) from the Citadel School of Business. Dr. Srisiri has had extensive experience as a scientist and a business manager prior to practicing patent law. After receiving her Ph.D., Dr. Srisiri worked as a scientist at Johnson Polymer for three… more

Alexander T. Stein, Ph.D.Shareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Dr. Stein received his J.D. from the University of Utah, S.J. Quinney College of Law, and holds a Ph.D. in Neurobiology and Behavior from the University of Washington. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Reed College. Prior to attending graduate school, Dr. Stein studied the molecular mechanics of membrane transport proteins, including excitatory amino acid transporters and nucleoside transporters from Leishmania donovani. Dr. Stein's doctoral dissertation concerned the molecular mechanism of hyperalgesia, and specifically revealed that phospholipid signaling mediated by PI3K recruits new pain-sensitive ion channels to the cell membrane in nociceptive neurons… more

David V. TraskFounder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Trask, of counsel, brings over forty-five years of experience in transactional and litigation matters, primarily in the fields of intellectual property and commercial law. He has extensive experience, both as an advocate and as a neutral, in arbitration proceedings involving technology, performing arts, intellectual property, and commercial disputes. Mr. Trask has also often served as a mediator. His educational and practice backgrounds include matters involving mechanical, chemical, electrical/electronic, medical, and related technologies. Mr. Trask serves as an arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau and the American Arbitration Association. He has received Martindale Hubbell's AV rating, the publication's highest rating,… more

Allen C. TurnerShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Prior to becoming a shareholder with TraskBritt in 1996, Mr. Turner was an associate with the firm and worked for three years in The Netherlands as in-house patent counsel for Akzo Pharma bv (now Akzo Nobel). His practice involves all areas of intellectual property law, with special emphasis on obtaining patent protection for chemical, medical, and pharmaceutical developments including developments in the areas of drugs, natural products, vaccines, biology, gene therapy, and other related inventions. Mr. Turner has participated in various litigation matters, both in the United States and Europe, has conducted various due diligence, and has extensive experience analyzing… more

Joseph A. WalkowskiShareholder | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Walkowski brings over twenty-five years of intellectual property experience to TraskBritt, where he has been a shareholder since 1993. Prior to joining TraskBritt, Mr. Walkowski served in corporate positions in the oil service industry, first with Halliburton Company and subsequently as chief patent counsel for Eastman Christensen, now a subsidiary of Baker Hughes Incorporated. His practice focuses on acquisition and exploitation of intellectual property rights and his background includes substantial experience in U.S. and international patent prosecution as well as intellectual property licensing (including software) and litigation. Mr. Walkowski has been named as one of The Best Lawyers in… more

James C. WatsonAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Watson, an associate with TraskBritt, received his J.D. from George Washington University Law School in Washington, D.C. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. more

Nathan E. WhitlockAttorney | Full Bio | Vcard |

Mr. Whitlock, an associate with TraskBritt, received his J.D. cum laude from Duke University School of Law in Durham, North Carolina. He received the Robert Netherland Miller Scholarship for academic achievement. Mr. Whitlock was an Executive Editor for Law & Contemporary Problems, Duke Law School's oldest journal. He was an officer of the Intellectual Property and Cyberlaw Society. Mr. Whitlock, a Registered Patent Attorney, holds B.S. and M.S. Degrees in Chemical Engineering. He has also worked in research, development, testing, and evaluation of weapons systems for the U.S. Government, primarily rocket propulsion systems. more

About Trask Britt

David V. Trask and William S. Britt founded TraskBritt, P.C. in 1973. Located in the Intermountain West, the firm represents national and international corporations, research organizations, universities, and individuals throughout the world, with a substantial client base in the European Union. TraskBritt has attorneys admitted to the United State Patent… more

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